Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Those who can do, those who...?

What the fashion industry can teach us about advertising awards - and it isn't pleasant.

"you should think before hiring any team which has been working for a few years and yet has never won any awards at all"

I tended to hire individuals with books that showed they could create great, selling work... awards or not, real or not (though an ability to show you could deal with the 'process' was a reassurance).

And my agency's clients seemed to hire us on pretty much the same basis, if with a tilt to track record.

Seemed to work OK. For all involved.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The bar... apparently

The advert that just keeps going


Face shape clue to mental decline

Or.. as I once read a piece that Denzel Washington was 'perfect' because of his facial symmetry, maybe it's because by being luvly they get all the top, interesting jobs, roles, partners, etc, which keeps 'em mentally alert longer than being dumped or ignored by being off-centre?

Mind you Tommy Lee Jones is doing OK.

What's in a name?

Your brand goes here

think there is much to be said for this especially with creative combos...

Ann Summers Interchange at Cockfosters?

Parliament Square Dignitas Halt (via Barkingside)?

Fleet Street Twitter Siding?

Any Funeral Directors near Monument?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Delusions of grandeur

Who you gonna call?

Another 'professional' who might not fully grasp why they get feted as much as they do.

Is the web's amateur hour over?

Not so much 'who you know', but 'who you work for'. Though the principle's the same, and little to do with talent, though it should be.

Because it is all about making money, which the best talent, well-harnessed, should generate.

Sadly, as layer upon layer of gatekeeper and administrator gets added, it would appear that 'other factors' come into play.

To a web-struck musical individual I tried to equate to the situation of dashing to a virtual HMV store because your CD is on the shelves. Unfortunately, other than you, the situation is still that no one else knows it's there, no matter how good, and the racks are about 1,000 miles long.

So while the money may no longer be required for creation, the 'powers that fee' now focus on controlling access and exposure.

'twas ever thus.

Just products from a brand. Hence, I wonder if the perceived 'value' is from 'old-fashioned professional journalists' or the fact that they work for 'mainstream media organisations' with a better chance of delivering an audience.

Hence it might be worth seeing if one gets invited to report because of one's reputation (if possibly hard to divorce totally from the employer) or because of the name at the top of the card or as dropped by the researcher.

'xx, talented bloke-who-writes' vs. yy from the BBC, national broadcaster with access to 60 million possible consumers. Tough, but maybe a simply grubby call. Especially when drawing up dinner invites that may lead to exposure to the largest audience.